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My intent was to illustrate the huge potential of this invention and describe the most interesting facts related to its development in their real succession.
Spin as a component of intrinsic angular momentum Interesting hypothesis, but the concept of light-speed moving charges, fundamental for the proposed model, does not seem widespread discussed and studied in the mainstream scientific literature.
It is interesting to note how, already in his Nobel lecture of 1933,.A.M.
So, there is a growing interest for those following this story from the beginning on what the final result will be, and especially on the data that will be released by the involved parties.As the voltage was increased to about 24V, the impedance suddenly decreased to very low values.I think, as I said in a previous post published on the Italian version of my blog, that in the coming months (also because of the ongoing developments in the US legal dispute between the Leonardo Corporation and Industrial Heat we will see more interesting.Alberto Taglioni (President of Commission Nuclear Engineering by the Order of Engineers of the Province of Rome).Each nanostructured island acts as a short circuit elements during electrical discharge.An example particularly easy to study describes an electron moving at constant speed v z along a direction orthogonal to the xy plane of charge rotation, which, consequently, will follow an helicoidal path at light speed.
For the occasion, I prepared a surprise.
For the occasion, Andrea Rossi kindly granted a new brief interview that I projected at the end of my talk.
Temperature measured by a type K thermocouple (SS sealed) inside the gas cell.
A magnetic flux equal to the ratio h/q where h is the Planck constant and q is the elementary charge- is associated to the current ring.I recommend, finally, to read the patent application WO 2014/189799 A9 (Hydrogen-Lithium Fusion Device) by Unified Gravity LLC and the Power Point presentation titled Low Energy Nuclear Reaction Occurring in Hydrogen-Loaded Nickel Wire written by the Ni-H Research Group operating at the China Institute.Are there any experimental results that could concorso amazon vinci iphone 6 be interpreted using this particular electron model?Unfortunately there are those who, in the spirit of contrarian or worse for personal interests, continues today despite the events to feel the lenr junk vincere sempre schedina science and Andrea Rossi not credible, as evidenced by certain statements that may be found on the web.I observe that, multiplying the amount of momentum of the rotating charge by the radius, we obtain a value of the angular momentum of the free electron equal to a single quantum of action.Starting from these observations, is it possible to formulate a purely electromagnetic interpretation of both Newtons laws and Special Relativity?Neri Accornero (University La Sapienza, Italy, see his CV in Italian here to as many people as possible in order to break the wall of silence interposed by those who have a vested interest because it does not happen.Beyond the formalism, what are the substantial consequences of this particular interpretation of Maxwells equations?Lenrias recipients are, from one hand, lenr companies, Government agencies, Universities coupon gratis da stampare conad laboratories and, on the other side, Engineers, Scientists, Consultants, Technical personnel, Students.It is also known for its excellent qualities of popularizer, in particular on quantum mechanics.To the use of a proper nanomaterial; flux (as large and fast as possible) of Hydrogen from a region of high concentration to a lower one; the addition of elements that have Hydrogen concentration increasing with temperature (like Fe the wires that have good performances.Mfmp paved the way of a collaborative venture.So, I asked Andrea what it was.A transmutation occurs when the system is crossed by a deuterium flow.

2) The lines followed by independent researchers are all at high temperature, while those developed by Rossi are at low and medium temperature, respectively.
According to TPR-1, the power density of a Hot-Cat can be estimated in about 50,000 W/kg for the test performed on March 2013.
That is the image of the.


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